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Claims [Nov. 13th, 2007|12:25 pm]
Kingdom Hearts Claims



This is the list of previously claimed Character Claims and other claims that are becoming available. Note: previous claimers are still posted.
Mad Hatter

Gummi Claim:

COM: Claims:
Ariel Card

This is a list of claims that will have name changes within the near future.
Genie Keyblade - Genie's Keyblade
Floral Keyblade - Kairi's Keybade
more soon to come.

This will involve changes to the music claims.

Kingdom Hearts Original Sound Track - Will remain the same
Kingdom Hearts: Utada Hikaru – COLORS - Will remain the same.
Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Tracks - Will remain the same
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Track numbers will be changed from (## - Name of Track) to (##) Name of Track)
Kingdom Hearts 2 Original Sound Track - Track numbers will be changed from (## - Name of Track) to (##. Name of Track)
KHS:Complete - Will remain the same.

Claiming for new members will likely be changed from four claims in selected sections to two claims in any section of their choice. This will also allow previous members to claim an additional claim from any section.

Since the community technically died I have relieved the maintainers of their duties. It is not because they did anything wrong, in fact, they were great maintainers and possibly some of the best I had. It is just at the moment with the community where it is at I no longer require any assistance because of the lack of members. Once fresh new members start to join then maybe I'll get new maintainers.

Expect more changes to come soon.