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Apology and updates - Kingdom of Claims [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Apology and updates [Nov. 12th, 2007|07:12 pm]
Kingdom Hearts Claims


I would like to apologize for my lack of interest in my our community.
I will be making updates through out this evening, and if I have time, though out the week.

Here are a few things that I would like to go over.
Rules Section
There have been numerous changes... More will be on the way.
First off, you no will longer be required to have a link stating your claim and linking it back to the community. I got tired of having to be nit picky with that rule so I did away with it.
A lot of the rules have been removed or altered. Most notably, rules in claiming sections have either been changed, reduced in wording or completely removed altogether. Spelling errors and other problems with the rules were fixed. Again I am not done with this so please bare with me.

I plan on changing the claiming rules to include an additional claim for all members.

The next thing that WILL be worked on indefinably are the claims. I will be adding in a lot of claims and removing some.
When they are done there will be a give away soon... but not now.

If you have noticed I have included the characters from the three new games. They include:
Master Xehanort
Virtual Sora
Xehanort's Apprentice

More characters will be coming soon.

I finally got a complete listing of the COM music from the KH Complete Soundtrack. I will not be listing all of the music from KH Complete because one it is a waste of time and two it would mean the posting of several songs three to five times. When I get the chance I will be changing how the claims are posted for music to help separate similar claims.

Several weapons in the other weapons category has been changed/renamed.
for example, floral scythe is now Marluxia's Scythe.
Weapons belonging to the organization now have their name's next to their corresponding weapons. Zexion's has been added as well.

There is another sections going to be added too.